Tour: Freedom From the Box

To turn the tide of the growing divide in our culture, Elizabeth Koch and Emmanuel Jal co-host this interactive storytelling series designed to help free us from our perception boxes and come together as one community.

We all live in perception boxes. These perception boxes prevent us from connecting in our hearts to other people because we can’t see them for who they are.

Elizabeth Koch, Founder

Emmanuel Jal and Elizabeth Koch come from two very different extremes in their life experiences and upbringing; both with powerful stories to share. On paper, they represent some of the biggest divides in the world with nothing in common. Yet, somehow, they share the same values, the same principles, and the same vision for the world, born from pain. They want to share this message with others to help foster healing among us, and within us.

Through a series of intimate speaking engagements and workshops, Elizabeth and Emmanuel will share personal stories around grief and trauma and how these experiences can keep us in a box; preventing us from seeing ourselves and others as we truly are. This unlikely collaboration will guide participants in exercises to examine their own boxes and offer tools to help set them free.

2019 Locations

San Diego


Los Angeles




San Francisco








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